The Importance of Me Time as a Mommy

Being a mom has changed my life tremendously. My schedule has been hijacked by two tiny humans and my time is no longer my own. This all happened so suddenly that I didn’t even realize I was slowly forgetting the woman I was before kids and only saw myself as […]

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Spotlighting the Great Taste of SOCIAL Costa Mesa with S.Pellegrino

There’s nothing more than amazing food. I have said it is my love language once before and after chowing down on SOCIAL Costa Mesa’s amazing Ceviche with avocado mouse and kumquats all weekend – it’s time to say it again – food is my love language. I love the flavors […]

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What You Must Do While At San Diego Zoo with Kids

Before we had kids, I swore I would never take them to any place that was crowded – like Fairs, Amusement Parks and Zoos.   The parents who I watched brave this looked miserable and tired. Every child was running a muck or sleeping in the stroller and I just […]

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All The Good Vacation Vibes in Cabo Mexico

Thank  when it came to shopping for our family vacation to Cabo I was so discouraged because my body is so different now that I have two little babies. Swimsuits didn’t look the same. My pants size, dress size and every size has changed – even my shoe size! When […]

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Levi’s in Laguna Beach

Levi's in Laguna Beach | Levi 501s | Levi Mom Jeans | The Best Mom Jean | Levi's

We spent a few days in Laguna Beach because Andrew has been working like crazy. Since we are living in San Diego and Andrew works at our restaurant in Orange County it was fun do a getaway there and spend some much needed quality time with him. I thought my […]

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A Personalized JORD Watch for Daddy

JORD Campaign X Raquel Dorsey | Wood Watches | Personalized Gifts for Father's Day

This will be Andrew’s second Father’s Day and I really wanted to get him something unique and awesome. He has swag I wanted to match! Recently, I was introduced to JORD Wood Watches and I was so impressed by the craftsmanship! I knew right away that my man – the babe […]

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Planning Our Dream Family Vacation to Cuba

The Dorsey Crew Family Vacation to Cuba with

I told my FIL that I want to go to Cuba so bad and he asked why? All I could think to say was that it’s so mysterious and untouched. I don’t know what we would do in Cuba but I still wanted to go! Andrew and I have always […]

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Mom Style: Striped Jumpsuits

Mom Style: Striped Jumpsuits Cute Jumpsuits Stylish Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are my jam and I snagged the best striped jumpsuit Marshalls for Mother’s Day and so many of you asked where I got it. But as we know, when you find something at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, or alike – it’s so hard to find it again. Plus […]

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For The Love of The Journey: What’s New With The Dorsey Crew

For The Love of The Journey: What's New With The Dorsey Crew

It’s not the destination but the journey,  right? Well what if you don’t really know the destination? That’s sorta the case here. We really don’t know our destination and to honest we’re sorta just winging it. Andrew took a job in Los Angeles and 6 months into it, his work was […]

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Diaper Bags & Backpacks

Stylish diaper bags and backpacks for moms dads, leather diaper bags, modern diaper bags, black diaper bags, backpack diaper bag, dad bag, cool mom diaper bag, backpack instead of diaper bag, the best diaper bags, the best diaper bag backpacks

The one thing I knew I wanted fo sho’ when I became a mom was a diaper bag/ backpack. Seeing other moms rock that was so cool to me. And I could’t wait to be a cool mom too. Hehe Below, you’ll find a list of diaper bags and backpacks […]

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