To Be With Those I Love Is Enough

Lately, I’ve been driving my husband crazy with talks about having a baby, or buying a home, or moving to Italy, or this or that. All crazy, monumental decisions for our lives right now and he just can’t keep up! Then there are these God winks, you know them well – moments of extreme peace & gratitude – ┬áthat remind me to be content and joyful in where we are planted, now.

So I’m going to rattle off why I’m grateful for where we are now:

1) We are 4 miles from church

2) We are one mile from our restaurant

3) We are driving distance from family, friends, nieces and nephews that can suffice my baby desires.

Right now, in this chapter of our lives, we have everything we need.

To be with those I love is enough.



To be with those I love is enough. - Walt Whitman Quote

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