Are My Desires Yours, Father?

When I carve out an uninterrupted, sweet little nugget of prayer time, it is mind blowing, chill causing powerful. And that’s exactly what happened this am. I’ve been praying on 3 major things that have been laid on my heart; and today I laid them all at His feet, asking for confirming scripture that my desires are congruent with His plan for my life. And boy did He deliver!

I encourage you to do the same, friend.

Many things are outside our control, but as my husband always says “we have two options.” We can struggle with life’s challenges on our own and blindly make these big life decisions or we can open our hands and release the struggle/ worry/ the future to God. He is capable of handling it, He is the book writer and He is much bigger than the “giants” we face in this life and He will never give you more than you can handle.



"Help me God, to slow down, to be silent, so I can hear you and do your will and not mine."- Marian Wright Edelman Quote

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