Supernatural Peace

It has been said that the sweetest sound is that of your name being said. Our name is our identity, in it we have assurance of who we are.

So when I go to Starbucks and grab my much anticipated coffee, that reads: “Mikal” or “Rackel” on the cup, my heart isn’t so excited. Makes me feel like the coffee is not really mine. Over the coffee grinder, steamer, and the music it can be hard to hear, I’m sure.

When I hear God’s Word, whether it is spoken, woven into music or being taught, my heart flutters. I like that feeling, I need that feeling.

It’s so hard to hear Him sometimes though.

And when I try to “schedule” God in to my day, I actually miss Him throughout it, because I’m just too busy with everything else. And when the day ends I can’t help but think how I may have failed Him. But His grace, His grace welcomes me back every time and I can just hear Him saying: “it can be hard to hear, I’m sure”

It may be really difficult, as it can be for me, to slow down the day. But I encourage you to look at your to-do list with a deep breath, know that no matter what, He is with you in every moment. Seek Him and you will find, PEACE. Even in this hectic day.



You will experience supernatural peace. Psalm 37:11

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