Women On The Rise

I’m a beauty pageant coach. You may be thinking, what the heck that is.

Well, basically I’m a therapist / sports coach / speech therapist / health coach/ wardrobe stylist / mentor / walking coach / little encourager you want on your shoulder before stepping on stage.

It’s a legit job. And so rewarding.

What I love most about it, is when a woman recognizes her beauty and uses it for greater good. Not just her physical beauty but the beauty of her heart.

It’s the sort of transformation I live for.

Confidence is the recognition and complete acceptance of ones purpose and potential. Confidence is beautiful.

The women I have worked with have a gained a confidence that spills over on to their everyday lives. Some of the woman have become valedictorian of their class, others have graduated with honors from accredited colleges. Others have a heart for giving back to their community and have started charities of their own. And a number of them have become successful models and/or athletes. It’s absolutely fascinating to receive cards or emails with updates on the goals they set and achieved and the new ones they hope to accomplish.

I want to gush about two woman that I’ve worked with recently.

Mary Maldanado and I have been working together for about 4 years! And this year she won the title of Miss California International!! In June, Mary competed for Miss United States Intercontinental 2013 in Texas and placed 2nd runner up!! But aside from her success in pageantry, Mary is doing incredible things, y’all.


She graduated from UCLA with a degree in Women’s Studies and is applying for Pre-Med programs. She has a deep passion for working with kids and wants to one day be a Pediatrician. Awww! I am honored to play just a small part in Mary’s life… She is one of the strongest women I have ever met and her determination is admirable and inspiring. She makes me want to be a better woman. And I am forever changed because of her.


The other woman I want to rave about is Jhoana Flores. Wow. Where do I begin? Jhoana and I have have worked together for about 5 years. And Jhoana is remarkable.

Sadly, she was bullied throughout her childhood for her image. And for a long time didn’t love her own self. It was heart breaking to see a young woman not understand just how beautiful she truly was and is.

Watching her blossom into a confident woman has been so fascinating and encouraging to witness.


On July 14th she competed for Miss Corona Regional, the first times she’s been on a stage in over a year, and placed 3rd runner up!!


She like Mary, is determined to make a good life for herself. Jhoana is currently attending Loyola Marymount (the first in her family to attend college) to become a Family Lawyer. And there is no doubt in my mind she will accomplish everything she puts her mind to. She’s that kind of woman!

I am so thankful that God blessed me with a heart for teaching. Whether that be the kids in my ministry class or young women in pursuit of a beauty pageant crown, I cherish the chance to join in on what God is already doing in their lives. I’m so grateful for this life I get to live.

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