Intentional Fasting

During this Holy Week, I have committed to a fast from meat, cheese (this began on “lent”) and anything that comes out of a box, eating vegetables, grains and fruit only. And it’s not easy, girlfriends. Because 1) I love cheese, 2) I have a cold, 3) Mother Nature dropped off her monthly gift. 4) Hot Cheetos are my guilty pleasure.

Can you say C R A V I N G S!?

I’ve had a number of people tell me not to fast, and to take care of this nasty cold, but you know what? This isn’t about me. And God is a Healer, y’all. He’s not too busy to take care of me, or any of you, especially as I seek more of Him.

I fast because I know what it means to sacrifice, for good.

I fast because God gave his one and only son and I can give up hot Cheetos for a week!

I fast because I crave HIM and to be intimate with HIM during this time, to draw closer and deeper in love with HIM.

I fast so I can replace those cravings with hearty helpings of prayer, solitude and mediation.

During this Holy Week, my husband and his career are my focal point. Here is a blog post I wrote for She Is More, called 16 Power Prayers & Verses For Your Man

I encourage you to pray intentionally this week for your man or any specific person(s) and watch what miracle occurs. Carve out uninterrupted time with our Heavenly Father and I guarantee you will crave Him all the more.

“Taste and see that The Lord is good…” – Psalm 34:8


Taste and see that The Lord is good. Psalm 34:8

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