Not going to Stagecoach? 6 ways to beat FOMO.

FOMO defined: The Fear Of Missing Out.

I know you’ve already seen the tweets, instas, and status updates that scream Stagecoach Country Music Festival and lets be honest we are a little envious of them. I’ve gone to this epic country weekend 4 times and dream of going this year too, but my odds are slim, because I don’t have a ticket. Wahhhh. So what can we do to snap out of it and enjoy this weekend? Occupy our minds and fake it till we make it to Stagecoach next year!

Here are 6 ways to beat the funk:

1) Have A Dance Party!

Even a solo one. There’s nothing like windows open, Luke Bryan Pandora and an all out dance party in your undies. Hehe

2) Take A Drive!

Road trip to a place cooler than the desert with girlfriends or your beau, while listening to country jams along the way, of course. You’ll have Instagram worthy photos guaranteed. #livingthedream

3) Boot Scootin’ Boogie

Not everyone went to Stagecoach (although it may seem like it). So grab the ones that didn’t and head to your local line dancing spot. If you’re local, check out these spots in Southern Calfornia:

The Ranch | | 1025 E. Ball Road Anaheim, Ca 92805

Stampede | | 28721 Front Street Temecula, Ca

Incahoots | | 5373 Mission Center Rd, San Diego, CA 92108

Cowboy Country | | 3321 E. South Street Long Beach, Ca 90805

4) Support A Local Band

You’ll actually be able to see and hear the music. Stagecoach has nearly 60,000 attendees and not enough speakers near the porta potty. So seek out a local band and watch them perform. You’ll get your live music fix.

5) Buy Tickets to Tim & Faith in Vegas

Or to any of your favorite country singers/bands upcoming shows. Get the best seats! You’ll have something to look forward to and share on your online feed.

6) Make Memories

With the ones you love, not the random you met in line for Spicy Pie Pizza. Fill your weekend with family time or girl time. At the end of the day we all just want memories to savor. So call up a friend you haven’t seen in awhile, or head home to get a much needed hug from mama.


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