What the heck is a “Love Language”?

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I didn’t pick up the book to learn my love language but Andrew’s. We had been dating for about a year and I wanted to love him better. If that even makes since.

The 5 Love Languages book didn’t just change the way I love my husband but the way I love everyone. It’s almost as if I had unlock the mysteries of my friends, family, Andrew. And loving them just got a whole lot easier.

According to the book there are 5 primary love languages. They are:

1) Words of Affirmation, this form of love is one that affirms with words. “You’re amazing baby”. “I support you”. “I love you”
2) Acts of Service, this form of love is expressed through helping with daily chores. Doing things that make your partner’s life easier.
3) Receiving Gifts, this form of love sounds kind of materialistic but its not that at all. The thoughtfulness behind gift giving is what matters most to the receiver. Bringing a gift to your partner for “no reason” or just to make them happy.
4) Quality Time, this kind of love enjoys no interruptions and undivided attention when it comes to spending time together.
5) Physical Touch, this love is expressed through hand holding, PDA, hugs. I mean, who doesn’t love hugs?

There is a test at the end of the book that will reveal which of the above is your love language. You can also take it online here: http://www.5lovelanguages.com/

I took the test 4 years ago and my results were “Words of Affirmation” and “Acts of Service“. Recently though, I noticed myself really loving “Receiving Gifts”, like a lot. So out of curiosity I took it again. And my results again, were slightly changed with “Acts of Service” being number one and “Words of Affirmation” being number two. This doesn’t mean I don’t like receiving gifts, or physical touch or quality time. But if Andrew knows what’s best, he’ll be helping me vacuum, often. Hehe

While knowing my love language is important, knowing my husband’s will ensure he always feels loved. And that is very important to me. Getting him to take the test though… not so easy. He’s not the “I wanna know my love language kinda guy” he’s the “just love me and do them all”. Oh boy.

He finally took the test, today! Now knowing what his primary love language is means I don’t have to spend much money cause he is definitely not the “Receiving Gifts” kinda guy. He actually got a 0 in that category. His primary love language is “Physical Touch.” And physical touch was last on my results… What does that mean?

It means I have to touch my husband more. And I don’t think thats too hard! “Acts of Service” is his second highest form of love, which means he can love me well, because you give what you want to receive. Win win! Love is fun and should never feel exhausting. If it does,┬átake the test. You might be surprised!




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