Finding Joy in Your Everyday

When I was a young girl I remember one of the most joyful, yes joyful, chores I did was ironing my mamas work shirts for her. There could be up to 20 shirts that needed ironing and, for a thirteen year old that would seem like an exhausting and boring chore. But I enjoyed the task. I felt so accomplished and proud of my ironing skills when each shirt was done, neatly lined up, waiting to be worn by my mama.

Then she’d wear my fine piece of work to her job and I’d smile so big and proud knowing I helped make sure that she could have a successful day and feel confident in her attire.

Last night I found myself ironing Andrew’s shirts. And at first I thought how tedious this would be. But then I remembered the joy from my past. I remembered that this small act of kindness is in fact not small at all.

Beyond the fine, pressed, and clean lines of a well ironed shirt, there will be a man who will wear it in an expression of his character and personality. He’s not an ordinary man at all – he is my husband.

Seeing beyond the task and to the bigger picture brought back the joy of doing something to make another person’s life easier.

When my husband put on that crisp, ironed shirt this morning, I smiled admirably knowing, that it was much more than a shirt, it was an expression of my love for him.

Hoping you’ll find joy in your everyday today.

Xo Raquel


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