Pregnancy Must Haves | Face & Body

With pregnancy comes a whole host of changes. For me it’s been an increase of skin sensitivity. From minor acne to dry itchy skin and irritations from fragrance filled products. My daily and nightly regimen have changed just has much as my pant size – drastically.

Here are some of the products that have been my life savers throughout this 10 month, wildly beautiful and quite interesting ride:

Tom’s Naturally Dry Antiperspirant, with this California heat and being 10+ degrees hotter than other humans right now. This is a must everyday. 

Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipesby the end of some days I am way to tired to do my nightly regimen, and these are the answers to my prayers. I also use them after the gym, beach day etc.

Avalon Organic ALOE Unscented Bath and Shower Gelafter using a fragrance filled bar soap that left my skin dry and itchy, I switched to this brand, and I love it! It suds up nicely and doesn’t leave my skin feeling parched.

Avalon Unscented ALOE Hand & Body Lotion, along with my DIY Belly Butter, this has been creamy and hydrating to my belly and full body. When my skin gets flaky, dry and itchy, I reach for this and ahhh relief.

Alaffia Everyday Coconut Water Face TonerI love the fresh scent of this toner and my skin loves it too. I spritz some on after a shower, mid day as a refresher and before bed.

Acure Sensitive Facial Cleanser Argan + ProbioticI’m obsessed with this entire line – their entire line is sulfate, paraben and, cruelty free. This cleanser is creamy and smells great; leaving my skin clean and not like other milky cleansers that can leave your face feeling that you washed with lotion.

Acure Night Cream: Argan Stem Cell + 2% Chlorella Growth Factor. This light cream doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky, like many night creams I have used in the past.

Acure Argan Stem Cell + Chlorella Growth Factor Brightening Facial ScrubProvides me a deeper clean on the days I feel like acne has overtaken my face. Smells great too!  

Acure Eye Cream Chlorella + Edelweiss Stem Cell. I look like I got 8 hours of rest and, didn’t get up once to go pee. A must.

Even more good news, all of these products are reasonably priced with nothing of $25. You can grab these products online or at retailers like Whole Foods and Mothers Market.



**This is not a sponsored or paid post.

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