How To Travel Comfortably While Pregnant

Traveling comfortably can be very challenging when pregnant. So when my girlfriends and I planned a weekend getaway to NYC during my 6th month of pregnancy, anxiety filled me. Could I do this while 6 months pregnant? A five-hour flight to NYC from California and another one to get back home. Surprisingly it was much easier than expected and I’ll tell you why – I prepared well. Here’s what my traveling while pregnant list looked like:

1) Get clearance to Fly from your Doctor.  Most important – even if you are low risk. Make sure your doctor knows about your travel plans and approves them. My doctor approved me for flying up to 34 weeks. But your pregnancy may be much different. Be safe girlfriend  and get clearance.

2) Book an Aisle Seat. I didn’t even think about this when purchasing my ticket 2 months prior. Then my doctor recommended walking around every hour of the flight, plus frequent bathroom runs from an overfilled bladder – trust me – aisle seat all the way.

3) Purchase Compression Socks.  These things are the bomb! I’m the kind of person that swells up from eating too much soy sauce at sushi. So I was mortified at the thought of traveling while pregnant, because of the swelling that would happen from the cabin pressure and elevation – plus the natural retention of water during pregnancy. But these bad boys  stopped any of that from happening! And they were doctor recommended.

4) Over the belly leggingsComfy cozy! Dress them up or dress them down, these are a must for traveling while pregnant and flying. You’ll need to get up multiple times to pee and stretch those legs plus you’ll need to hide those knee-high compression socks some how!

5) Lots and Lots of Water. Which equals lots and lots of trip to the bano. But you’ll feel the dehydration set in when the flight attendant gives you a baby cup of water twice in 5 hours. Buy a couple of bottles before boarding. And it sounds counterintuitive, but drinking more water equals less water retention. Yay!

6) Loose Fitting T-shirts. Your belly will expand during the flight and that cute button down you are wearing will have a button popped by the time you land. Grab some comfy, size-too- big v necks ( I love these ones), add a necklace or two and call it a day. I’m a comfort over style person all the time.  

7) Grab and Go Snacks. Kind Bars, Lara Bars, Trail Mix, Rx Bars, Fruit, Beef Jerky – pack it all. When that hunger pang hits and you’re only 1 hour into your flight, you’ll be prepared. Fill up your purse with as much as possible.

8) Lotion. Keep your cute and expanding belly hydrated to help prevent stretch marks. Rub it on during your bathroom breaks. Your hands and arms will love it too. I made a homemade belly lotion that is amazing. I also loved this one too.

9) Reading material/Journal/Headphones Self explanatory.

10) Many Hair Ties/ Oversized Comfy Sweater. We are either running 10 degrees hotter or 10 degrees cooler. Love these “no crease” hair ties!

11) Wear a WatchPhones are stowed away and you gotta get up at least once every hour. This will help make sure you’re doing what you need to do.

12) Small BackpackMy best decision was to wear a small leather backpack to help distribute the weight of all my pregnancies travel necessities and keep my hands free – my equilibrium is so off, which makes me clumsy and unbalanced – the backpack helped center me. You can continue to use the backpack once baby is born too! Dad will feel cooler rocking it. Trust me.

I hope this list comes in handy for you. If you think of anything else to add, please leave the suggestions in the comments below.





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