30 Days of Journaling Challenge | Day 1

Yesterday on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts,  I announced that I would be doing a 30 Days of Journaling Challenge to have an even more intimate relationship with God. I also wanted to record my time with Him as I  purposefully seek Him daily. I’m so excited and nervous!

I’m going to share my intimate journal entries here because I feel like what God will say, reveal and shepherd me to will inspire many others to do this same Journaling Challenge and have will hopefully encourage you to want a very intimate relationship with God as well.

I like to call it Mornings with Jesus or Afternoons with Jesus or Evenings with Jesus. Because it’s our intimate alone time together. And it’s so special it deserves to be called something! Call it whatever you like and enjoy the journey!

Sunday Nov. 9th 2014 Day 1

“You are not your own. You were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body” – 1 Corinthians 6:20

I think about so much when I read this. My body is a temple for the Holy Spirit. How can the spirit dwell in impurities? Could I live in a sewer? Could I live in a home with broken windows? 

Where works needs to be done, may it be done.

What I process via news, social media and daily actions all get transferred to my heart and mind. Are they healthy? What are my thoughts fixed on? 

Even more so now that I am pregnant I know that my body is not my own. What God created inside of me is a growing child that is His son and I his chosen mother. 



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