Stay At Home Moms, Please Don’t Hate Me

I’m only 16 days into this whole “stay at home mom” thing and I’ll be honest, I’m wrecked! To be candidly honest, I thought stay at home moms had it made. They get to be home all day, taking care of the kiddos, having all day to tidy up the house, make dinner for your working husband, probably take a nap, do some crafts, social media it up and then do it all over again.

Easy peasy riiiight?

Wrong! So wrong!

The schedule of this new stay at home mom is ever changing and I’m expecting it to stay that way. Yea, I have plans to “sleep train” Carter and I’m all about having him on a schedule but lets be real that ain’t happening anytime soon. And when it does, it will change, I know it.

And after being spit up on, peed on, pooped on and cried on the last thing I even want to do is clean or cook. I’m begging for a spa retreat aka a 30 min shower!

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about my new job as Mama, I’m so obsessed with my little guy and so blessed that I get to spend these intimate hours/days with him, guide him, care for him and watch him grown. I am mostly apologizing for my immature thinking of stay at home moms.

So to all the stay at home moms out there, you freakin rock! I have so much respect for you! And I am so sorry for thinking you had the easiest job in America.

I had even told Andrew I was afraid of “just being a mom” and he was quick to change my thinking on that. He said, it’s the most important job there is. And I so agree with him.

I’ve seen the meme’s out there that say stuff like “Yay, it’s Friday – but wait I’m a mom” or how about “A mom is a cook, chauffeur, therapist, etc etc.” It all makes sense now. I get it! I feel you ladies!

God bless all you stay at home mamas and then the mamas who continue to work, you too are dang near superwoman!

Any advice to help me get on a schedule over here? Leave me a comment below. I appreciate it!



p.s. Here’s two memes that I found on Pinterest. Hilarious!

Stay At Home Moms, Please Don't Hate MeStay at home moms, please don't hate me

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  1. It gets a little easier, but more chaotic as they get bigger. Showering usually occurs during nap time, unless you get up like an hour before the little one so you can really enjoy it. Mine are 3 and 14 months now and sometimes I wish we were back to the stage where they would sleep most of the day. It is amazing to watch them grow and learn and start to express themselves.
    Just be consistent in a routine. Like bath time, read a book, etc. do it in the same order and he will learn what that set of activities mean. Or have a specific song for nap time and a different one for bed time. I wish I would have done a lot more for a routine with my 3 year old but being more consistent has definitely helped with my 14 month old. Good luck! Sounds like you are doing amazing and right where you are meant to be.

    1. Consistency, I LOVE that advice! And a different song for nap and nighttime is an amazing tip. Thanks so much, Bethany!

  2. Girl you rock. An you will get it all right soon enough. When we first had ana we took shifts watching her sleep I had night shift an hubby had day it was insane. I don’t even know what I was thinking. The best thing I learned with both girls is keeping them warm an snuggled an always had them swalled so they always felt close to me. Ana is almost 4 an Aulani is 2 an showers have barley started looking better but of course it’s only when there in bed. Lol. We have the best routine an have had it for years down to keeping it on the fridge so when the sitter comes over she follows the same an both in bed before 8pm. It will get better. Both my girls started sleeping through the night around 3- 5 months an I had to actually wake them to eat. Now they sleep from 8pm to 7-8am. Keep baby carter awake during the day as much as possible so he is more tired at night an that helps with your sleep much better. Took some practice time an patience but it overall it’s a amazing pay off. My girls are my world I leave for work before they wake up get home hubby goes to work an I cook dinner, clean baths an bedtime plus some play time with mommy before bed. Weekends off is a blessing. We have been blessed not ever have to use day care an the girls have mom an dad throughout the day so it’s pretty nice. Hats off to you are going to be amazing at motherhood. We barley have started going on dates again an all we talk about is the kids an feel so bad there not with us. Lol

    1. Alicia! Thanks so much for the tips! It’s encouraging to hear that your girls sleep so well through the night, I’m impressed! And it definitely sounds like you have a great routine. You rock girlfriend!

  3. Awww sweetheart don’t worry the first year of his precious life is the toughest.. No schedules will never be on track. All babies are different and they have a mind of their own. Just try to schedule your life around his. LOL I know that sounds weird but it is the truth. So if you are tired nap when he does. If not take advantage and take that nice hot shower or bath, do laundry, anything you want or just sit and breath. lol Just don’t take life so serious and don’t fret. It does get a bit easier as they grow and start talking and are able to tell you what ails him. Like I said just enjoy this year. Every thing else takes second place to your precious gift from God. God bless you and thank you.. alot of people have think the same but it’s ok and I aprreciate you saying your beautiful words. God bless.. love you

  4. Take a long hot bath, and bring the baby with you. Its super relaxing for both of you, only downside is your babies start expecting bath time all the time… even my 5 yr old still tries to hop in if the water is running lol