Yes, A Baby Changes Everything

I heard it from everyone, “a baby changes everything.” I expected it and welcomed the idea of change with wonder and discernment. Of course I’m no expert, in fact I’m not sure I have the credentials to talk about this, as we just welcomed our baby boy a short one month ago. But in that time everything has indeed changed – and I’m not complaining.

Where change is most evident is in my relationship with my husband. He is not the same man I fell in love with 6 years ago nor is he the man I married nearly 3 years ago… I feel like I’m dating a new man and it’s been kinda amazing!

He’s this gentle giant who tries with all his might and delicacy to nurture our newborn son. I watch him as he keeps his patience during diaper explosions and as he tries to communicate with Carter, who can only respond with crying and a piercing staring contest. He loves him.

I love him.

“They” whoever “they” are said, “good luck”, “it’ll get easier”, “enjoy your husband now” but I’m sorry if I offend you – I don’t need luck, I need grace (a lot of it). I don’t need easier, I need to love myself through all this change as I learn to nurture the new relationship I have with a new little human who was born in to a great big world. And, I definitely am enjoying my husband even more as we grow in to our new roles as parents.

Yes, a baby changes everything.

It has opened my eyes to what is most important in this life, like my relationship with my mother, friendships rooted in Love, sharing the gospel and encouraging others to have a relationship with a God of miracles. It has awoken this love in me that needed to be awaken. Like the lyrics from, Set A Fire declare, “[ motherhood has ] set a fire in my soul, that I can’t contain, that I can’t control” – and I see that I need God now more than ever.

These are the changes I have welcomed. And there are some I haven’t. Like, sleep deprivation, an appetite fit for a grown man (thank you breast feeding), the worry gene and the protective mama gene ( I didn’t mean to give the “touch my child and you die look) it just happens.

Yep, everything has changed, blossomed and developed. And I wouldn’t want it any other way at this point. I feel like I’m exactly who I am suppose to be, where I am suppose to be and I have never felt more at home in this life.

Motherhood is beautiful.

Gotta run! I can here the baby waking for his late night feeding and Andrew just whispered, “thank you for having boobs” and to me it’s the sweetest compliment ever. I smile, almost chuckle at the comment.

You’re welcome babe.

Thank you, God for boobs. For breast milk. For fearfully and wonderfully making the woman’s body. For meeting all our needs. For change.

Yes, a baby changes everything – for the better.



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  1. I somehow stumbled upon your Instagram a while ago which led me to you blog. I’m a new mom myself, of a healthy, beautiful 7 month old which we named Hallie Grace. Reading through your posts are so encouraging and comforting in the fact that I relate to what you share. Being a Mom has been the most challenging experience of my life thus far but it’s also been the most joyous and rewarding. God really created this chapter of our lives to be filled with joy, love & peace. My husband and I are so content to just be home together as a family and watch our little one grow. These first few months of her life has been the best of mine. So thank you for sharing! You are a beautiful mother that has so many things to offer this world and your new son. It’s encouraging to me that there are still woman that cherish the hard parts of being a new mother. I think you could agree with me that this world can be so filled with negativity when it comes to bearing a new baby. This is why I felt so compelled to thank you for your posts; because there are woman out there like me, that may need to feel like they aren’t alone, and I’m sure there are woman that may need a reminder that being a mother doesn’t have to be as stressful and difficult as it presents sometimes.

    So thank you, keep writing, because God is using your words to encourage.

    1. Hi Mallory, wow. You have no idea how much you have encouraged my mama heart. I just read your comment to my husband and I was overcomed with happy tears. I’m so happy you wrote me and I am so happy to connect with you. This whole “motherhood” thing is just as you wrote, “challenging… joyous and rewarding” how incredible to feel all these emotions at once and not want to repress them, but to welcome them with open arms and crying out “thank you, Father – for it all”. So beautiful. Thank you again for your comment and sharing a little of your heart with me. All my love xoxo

    2. Oh Raquel…I have developed love and respect for you, my sister in Christ. Although I do not have any children, have yet to be blessed with a man I would consider marrying, I appreciate all of your insight into a world I will see one day, when The Lord sees fit. You are such an amazing person and from the looks of it, mommy…baby Carter couldn’t have been blessed with better parents. God bless you and your growing family through this thing we call life 🙂

      1. Hi DeJonae! Thank you so much for your comment, my goodness you are so sweet! I just know God has amazing plans for you and is preparing your heart for marriage and children. His timing is the best timing! I can testify to this, because I was once in a relationship for 4 years, where the man I was dating was cheating on me for 2 of those 4 years. I was broken, shattered and hopeless. But God is a God of restoration and restored my faith in love and blessed me beyond belief – to the point of constant praise for EVERYTHING. God bless you girlifriend! All my love and thank you again for your comment, my heart swells!

  2. So very true sweetheart.. Nothing more beautiful than being a mom and realizing that your changes are just part of the whole picture of God creating women. Love you and enjoy it to the fullest!! God bless you all. No it is not an easy job but it is the best one in the world!!! <3

    1. Yes, nothing more beautiful than motherhood and no better job! God is so good! Thank you for your comment xoxo