Tonight I Celebrate Being A Mom

It’s 6:05am and I’ve already brewed my first cup of coffee but didn’t drink it because there’s no creamer. I need creamer. I need this to be a good cup of coffee and I need some more sleep. But the latter just isn’t going to happen.

So here I am, checking out at the grocery store with two boxes of coffee pods, two thingys of creamer and two tubs of ice cream, because tonight I’m celebrating.

Well, every night since, January 13, 2015, I’ve been celebrating.

Why you ask? Because I survived another day of motherhood and woke up to do it again.

Yesterday, I was pooped on, spit upped on (twice), cried on and peed on. I touched pooped, touched spit up and touched the inside of a little human’s mouth to see if his teefers were coming in because he sure is crying a lot – and that was just in a hour. And before you ask, yes I washed my hands before sticking them in my son’s mouth.

So yes, I eat ice cream every night in celebration that I survived another day of motherhood.

And today, I woke up at 12am, 2am, 3:30am and 5:30am. Hence the reason why I need creamer for my already cold cup of coffee.

Yes, tonight I will eat ice cream again.

For all the moms out there surviving motherhood, I raise my ice cream spoon to you! May you be celebrated! May you have a shower, a spa day, may you be surrounded by beautiful flowers, be served breakfast in bed, sleep in and have your coffee and creamer too! May you look past the messy hair, sweat pants and tired eyes and see the strong, tender, magical being that you are!

Tonight I celebrate you! Happy Mother’s Day, girlfriends! And Happy 1st Mother’s Day to me too! We are rockstars.


I lie down and sleep: I wake again, because the Lord sustains me. Psalm 3:5

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