Thoughts And Review Of Griffin Remedy Products

Griffin Remedy Product Review | Raquel Dorsey Blog

When I was pregnant, what I put on my body became very important to me. My sensitive skin was something my son inherited too. Recently we tried a few products from the Griffin Remedy line. I really liked that their ingredients include essential oils, vitamins and botanicals and many are organic.

All of the products we tried smelled amazing, especially the chamomile bubble bath (which by the way, comes in the cutest bear packaging) and their Omega-3 grapefruit body lotion and body wash, which are now a few of my favorite products -ever. I wash my hands so many times throughout the day and their hand soap never left my hands feeling dry, in fact they felt softer after each use.  After using the shampoo and conditioner for several days my husband said it looked like I could do an Herbal Essence commercial – haha I love him! The only thing about their daily conditioner is that it doesn’t detangle with one use but they do have a Restorative conditioner and I think that may be the one my locks need – because let me be honest, they are damaged and color treated and this mama needs a trim.

I totally feel comfortable recommending their products to you, especially if you have sensitive skin.  You can find all the products I talked about and learn more about the Griffin Remedy brand here.



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