3 Year Anniversary Thoughts + Photo Diary

The Savor Blog by Raquel Dorsey | 3 Year Anniversary + Photo Diary

I can not believe we just celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary! It’s been a year for the books. From Andrew leaving the restaurant he was working for, to finding out we were pregnant, to opening our restaurant Social Costa Mesa, to the birth of our son! God never failed us and remained faithful through all of it. I think trials can be joyful. No I’m not crazy. But the trials we have faced as a couple (with faith) have made us better people, lovers, parents. And that is a cause to be joyous! Marriage is fun! All of it.

For our 3 year anniversary, Andrew took us to The Ramos House in San Juan Capistrano and it was AMAZING and a total must go to restaurant in the area. The food, service, the history was and is so beautiful. We then explored the Mission. We both grew up in Southern California and never went to the Mission! I’m so glad we got the chance to explore it with our son.

We headed down the coast to San Diego and enjoyed the view from an overlook in Del Mar. We ended the night in La Jolla and eating at a great spot called WhisknLadle. Carter even fell asleep at dinner, giving Andrew and I some much desired one on one time. It was a a great day celebrating our love and I can’t wait till next year! Until then, we are blessed for today, together. <3

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