Helpful Travel Tips When Flying With Baby

The Ultimate List of "Flying With Baby" Tips (from 20 different moms)

I was so nervous to travel with my 7 month old. I did not know what to pack or expect, when flying  with baby, so I asked my Facebook friends for help. These tips helped ease our worries and prepare us for smooth travel (and delays!)I hope you find these travels tips helpful too!

  1. Make a List: Of the things you use everyday for your little one. Check the weather and pack accordingly. Pack 2 outfits for each day. I put each outfit (shirt+shorts) in individual ziplock baggies. This was the best ever. Because I was stress free deciding what he’d wear and I was able to store the dirty clothes in them after. I traveled in the summer with my son Carter, so I had him in a comfy onesie and socks and brought along a light blanket for the flights.
  2. Gate Check Carseat + Stroller: I have the 2014 Britax Travel System and it was perfect. You can check your carseat and stroller at the gate and you won’t be charged. They’ll store it with the other luggage and bring it up when you land. Or if you travel a lot and don’t want to check your stroller the Babyzen YOYO stroller fits in the overhead compartment and is approved for travel. You may be able to stuff a few extra things in it too. Hehe. Hello convenience! I’d say a travel bag/cover isn’t necessary (I didn’t use one) but it would help your stroller and carseat not get so dirty or damaged. They ended up breaking a piece off my stroller, but it still worked so I wasn’t that angry. Some rental car places have car seats, but I didn’t trust that they would have a clean one, so we brought ours.
  3. A Well Packed Diaper Bag: I absolutely love my Lily Jade diaper bag because it converts to a backpack and has so many compartments. You could leave your diaper bag at home and use a backpack instead. Be sure to include plenty of the basics: diapers, wipes, bottles and your wallet and must haves too But also add, teething essentials, hand sanitizers, dirty diaper baggies, baby socks and extra outfit for him. I had a light Aden and Anais blanket too. Pack enough diapers and wipes for the day of the flight and if your staying for longer than 3 days I would just purchase diapers and wipes at your destination so you can save room in your suitcase.
  4. Food/Formula/Boobs: However you nourish your child, bring what you need. Carter has been eating solids twice a day and nurses 5 times a day. I supplement with Honest formula if needed. I went to Mother’s Market and bought a few of those Plum Organic food pouches. They were so easy to travel with. I also brought some take and toss spoons and a wipeable bib you can get disposable bibs too.  If you formula feed/ bottle feed you can take water (or pumped breast milk) with you in your carry on (even if it is more than 4oz). Security will just test it by waving a stripe over it. I brought a large ziplock bag to put his dirty bottle/spoon in, so it didn’t leak or smell up my diaper bag. You can also rinse it in airline bathroom. I also brought this mesh teether and just asked for a cup of ice from the stewardess to put in it. Carter loved it!
  5. New Toys/Books: Buy this one and thank me later! It suctions to the tray table or any hard surface and it kept my sons attention for about an hour. It can detach from the suction and is great for teething too. You don’t need to spend a fortune on toys. The dollar store is great, or purchase some colorful, printed washi tape/stickers. The cup from the flight attendant is entertainment enough too.
  6. Nurse/Bottle Feed/Use Pacifier At Take Off & Landing: This is so important because it helps their little ears pop. Carter was sleeping during all the landings, so I just made sure his pacifier was in his mouth at that time. Buy a pacifier clip if you don’t have one yet. I cringe when I think about it hitting the floor in an airport or airplane – or anywhere for that matter! Pacifier wipes are the bomb too. You can give lollipops for the older littles, and this will help their ears pop.
  7. Plan Your Travel Around Naps: The white noise and gentle vibration of the plane will more than likely soothe your baby to sleep. But try to book your flight around their naps. And in the morning. This might be more expensive but it’ll be worth it!
  8. Choose Your Seats Wisely: If traveling with your husband or a companion, book the window and aisle seat. No one will want to sit in the middle of a “pass the baby, keep him entertained” game. We got really lucky and didn’t have anyone sit between us. When you arrive to your gate, ask if there is a whole row you can have. They are great about this. We were going to be really cramped on our full flight home, so my husband asked to upgrade us to first class and it was awesome. Some airlines will upgrade you free of charge. Just ask!
  9. Make These Flight Baggies: So I typed these up, bought the candy and the baggies, but we thankfully did not need them. But if your flight is delayed, baby is teething, didn’t sleep well the night before or is not acting themselves, these will be appreciated by the passengers around you.
  10. Baby Wear or Hold Your Baby Through Security:  I bought an Ergo carrier and planned to baby wear through security, but we were in a rush every time we got to airport.  So i just held him and it was totally fine and easy.
  11. Bring Plenty of Sanitizer Wipes: You’ll want to wipe down everything!
  12. Download Learning Apps Before You Get to the Airport: Depending on how old your little is, this is great advice. Carter is still just entertained looking through photos on my phone or at himself with the reverse camera, so we didn’t need to download any on this trip.
  13. Sing To Soothe Your Baby: Flying can be scary for adults, imagine how it must be for our littles. Soothe your baby by singing familiar songs, giggling and laughing with them. Your voice will help to comfort them during the loud take off and landing.
  14. Request A Bassinet: For babies under 6 months old and flying international.
  15. Noise Canceling Headphones: One mama recommended Baby Banz to cancel out the loud noise of take off, landing and during naps while on the plane. Carter sleeps with Brown Noise, so we did not use these, but I love this advice!
  16. Dress in Layers: You’re gonna be holding your sleeping baby and that can get hot but then you can get cold from the cabin’s air. I wore a maxi dress with a jean jacket.
  17. Bring A Blanket For Baby To Crawl On Before The Flight: This was such a great tip from a mama. I was so nervous about Carter not getting out enough energy to take a great nap on the flight but  this allowed him to sit on his own, crawl, and climb and not on the floor of the airport.
  18. For the Hotel: Call And Request A Crib/Pack N Play: One less thing for you to bring!
  19. For the Hotel: Bring Your Baby’s Crib Sheet Babies have a very strong sense of smell, so when you lay them down in crib or pack n play from the hotel, smelling home will help them transition and sleep in a new environment more comfortably. Make sure you take a used/slept in sheet.
  20. For the Hotel: Outlet Covers Another great tip! I did not even think of this. I only ended up using a couple of them. But Im so glad I had them on hand.
  21. Don’t Worry & Have Fun! Babies cry on planes and it’s ok.  Passengers are usually really helpful and may even offer to entertain or hold your baby. Enjoy creating these new memories with your family and don’t stress about what you have no control over (like other people’s opinions).

Cheers to you brave mama!! Have fun!

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