The Only Pregnancy Book I’d Recommend To A Friend

I absolutely LOVED being pregnant and I can’t wait to be again! Thanks to Pinterest and pregnancy apps like Baby Center, I knew if my baby was the size of a kumquat, squash or watermelon. I googled all of my questions and thought for sure I was pregnant with twins, was in pre term labor or I was the laziest, craziest pregnant woman ever.

I had information overload when it came to questions about pregnancy. The only things I didn’t have answers for were… well… parenting. I knew I had a baby in my belly, to work out, eat, and drink lots of water. But what happens when the baby comes out? Then what?

I remember leaving the hospital, thinking “I’ve got this”, but the only thing I had was lots of pain and sleep deprivation. My pregnancy brain soon turned into mommy brain and all I knew how to do was nurse, change a diapers and dress my little man.

I completely forgot the books I read, what that chick from Wisconsin on the mommy boards said about sleep schedules and how many times I was suppose to nurse this baby. And why are my boobs so big?!

Ok so what’s the only pregnancy book I recommend you ask? It’s called Preparation for Parenting¬†. It was originally published in the 70’s and has had updates to it since. I hear that the Baby Wise book is similar. Whether you just found out your pregnant or your baby is already 2 months old, get this book.

I’m not saying follow everything this book says, but I am saying it is filled with fantastic tips, advice, wisdom and facts. I am not a “cry it out kind of mama” and we have found that that doesn’t really work with us anyways. But this served as a great guideline on how to have structure and some sort of schedule for the day so you’re not “guessing” what’s wrong.

When my son was sleeping through the night at 10 weeks, I had my hands up praising God and then my fingers sent a text to all my other mommy friends that read “get this book!“. It’s chalk full of information like, what crying is normal, schedule guidelines, growth spurt indicators, and more.

Do you have a parenting book you swear by? Leave it in the comments.



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