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free "He is risen" Easter printable

So, my husband brought me home a fancy pancy Nikon camera. Technically, he did not give it to me, but I can “use” it. This translates in my brain to: “it’s all yours baby!”

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I’ve been messing around with the expensive thing all day. I haven’t read one user manual. I haven’t perused Youtube videos on how tos yet. But, I’ve been snap snap snapping all day. I found some leaves outside and loved the contrast and texture of them. (I’m totally a wannabe photographer, can you tell?) hahaphotography by raquel dorsey blog

I’ve been having so much fun playing with the thing!

Did you know I took a photography class in high school? Yep. I sure did. So, I’ve got some training under my belt… even if I did graduate over 10 years ago. I have some street cred. Wait. That’s wrong. I have some book cred!


Anyways, I would love love love your feedback on some of the photos I took, while thinking I know what the heck I’m doing. I’ve sprinkled the images around this post. Leave your suggestions in the comments below. And pretty please lay it on me easy.

Oh! I almost forgot. I wanted to include a free Easter printable for you too! You can download the PDF >> He is risen easter printable << or right click this image to save. You can display on your phone, use on insta (tag me! @raqueldorsey), or print it out and frame it in a 8×10.

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