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One thing you could know about me is that I am a great starter and horrible finisher. I’ve dreamt up literally, hundreds of business ideas and have proactively written out business plans for at least 20, without ever fully investing myself in any.

she always believed she could, so she did quote | a morning prayer | raquel dorsey blog

When the idea of doing a online devotional on Instagram, I brainstormed with my husband about what I was envisioning for it and how I thought it would the perfect place to share the word of God in a modern, pretty way.

He of course was supportive, and one thing I remember him saying was, “if you’re gonna do it, you gotta really do it baby, you gotta do it everyday.”

To which I replied, that if there’s one thing I do everyday, it’s looking for how God is working in my life, loving Jesus and wanting to tell others about what He has done in my life.

Because, I really love Jesus.

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And out of that love A Morning Prayer was born and my heart has never been more happy. Today I celebrate one year since I started the #instadevotional and with that celebration comes a feeling of accomplishment and “I can’t believe I actually did it!” enthusiasm!

One of the main reasons I have stayed committed to this ministry is because of you, girlfriend. I have read every comment, I have seen the faces with every like and the words of encouragements sent privately have been fuel to the flame of my faith.

I always believed I could, but so did many of you. And that just makes me want to ugly cry. You had faith in me and your beautiful words, selfless sharing and soul sister connections have meant so so much to me. So, thank you for those priceless, treasured gifts.

There is more for this little ministry, I just know it! And I’m so happy to embark on this journey with you, love.

The Dear God¬†worksheet I am sharing with you today is for you to write a letter to God about a dream or desire of your heart. Let’s take it back old school. Dream with Him. Date it, fold it as if you were going to mail it, sign your name at the end and even put it in an envelope. I am putting my letter in between the pages of my journal, so I can read it a year from now and for years to come. You can choose to seal yours or keep yours in a special place. I just want to encourage you to write it from an honest place of longing.

If these worksheets, Gratitude Checklist, Problem Solver, My Plans, God’s Answers, My Prayer List, & Dear God, have blessed you please share with others and share with me too! I want to hear about your “I can’t believe I actually did it story!” To which I’ll reply, I always believed you could.




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