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Gratitude Checklist | A Morning Prayer Worksheet |

Good morning loves! Today will mark the first step that A Morning Prayer will take in creating a deeper connection with God, woot woot!


I hope my excitement is contagious haha. As  many of you know, I posted a photo with the word “MORE” on it and a post that followed asking what more I can do for you. I was thrilled at the response and so thankful you all did not leave me hanging. I also was super encouraged by all your recommendations, suggestions and sweet “keep it going” comments.

Gratitude Checklist | A Morning Prayer Worksheet |

My heart is so much better since I have met you all. Many of you have wrote me private messages telling me how much of a blessing AMP has been in your life, and I can so echo your words. It has blessed me SO much too, girlfriends. Since starting it almost a year ago, I have been actively reading His word daily, reading every translation and commentary on bible verses and witness accounts and keeping my eyes open and honest to how God works in my life

He is so good.

Y’all are so good! Look at you, you’re here on this page looking for MORE! Holla! I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer but I really do hope you know I am sincerely thankful for you and the community that we have in the little corner of the cyber internet that is so raw, real and powerful.

I hope the 1st worksheet in this series of 5 this week really kickstarts your week with a heart full of gratitude and love for all that God has blessed you with. No matter what season you’re in, there is something to be grateful for. People used to say that to me in seasons of mourning, loss and hurt and those words always made me 1) angry, 2) cry and 3) grateful because there really is.

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You’ll find the printable worksheet below in jpeg and pdf. Print it out, make 1 or 10 copies, share with your girlfriends, co workers, husband, children, whoever. Hang it in your home and add to it when another “gratitude check” pops in your head.

I mean, when’s the last time you thanked God for the sun rising, the air you’re breathing, the ability to read, write, the freedom to color your hair anyway you want, the people who put a smile to your face, the ability to taste food or sip coffee, the song that the birds sing or the roar of the ocean waves.

There is power in gratitude baby girl. Make it a habit. Cultivate it. Live by it.

P.S. If you use this worksheet and love it, let me know in the comments! I’m thinking about making a thin Gratitude Checklist Journal, eek!


A Morning Prayer Gratitude Checklist Worksheet | 1 of 5 |

DOWNLOAD ME! A Morning Prayer | Gratitude Checklist Worksheet PDF

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