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my prayer list printable | a morning prayer | raquel dorsey blog

I was intimidated when I saw her. Her bible had highlights of every color, there was structure to her journaling and the closer I examined her space I noticed she was using gel pins – glittery ones at that!
it was her devotion to prayer that moved my soul

I immediately made a mental note of the things I needed to buy to have the kind of prayer life she must have. I mean, it appeared like she knew exactly how to access the Kingdom and if glittery gels pins and a highlighted bible were qualifications I had better get on it!

After purchasing all these things, I sat down in my big comfy recliner and was ready for that “aww-ha” moment of knowing my prayers were being heard. But it never came. I had expected to gain some sort of special access to the Kingdom because the God who sees everything must have seen all my new bible study “tools”.

But then I heard God say to me, “your heart leads directly to me, and it’s all I need“.

That’s what He was after. My highlighters and glitter pens were for my enjoyment, not His.

my prayer list printable | a morning prayer

Sister, we can not do anything to “gain access” or “qualify” ourselves for the Kingdom, other than giving our hearts over to God and declaring that Jesus is King. God gave his one and only son so that we had a direct line to Him. Jesus was the last and final sacrifice. We have been granted access by His blood spill.

No special words are needed in prayer, “thou, art and thy” can totally be used if thats you’re thing. But so can slang, laughs, tears and even silence. Because the Holy Spirit can translates those for us too. God gets us.

Devoting yourself to prayer doesn’t mean you have to have an hour or 2 of “time with God”, thats fab if you can! But if you can’t that’s fab too. You can pray anywhere, for anyone at anytime. I pray in my car, at Target, in the morning, afternoon and night. There is never not a good time to talk to God. He’s always available.

Family: immediate, extended, spiritual

Friends: besties, acquaintances, co-workers, and enemies

Neighbors: the ones you live next to, or anyone who has a need to be met, near or far, of our nation or outside it.

Self: what do you need, want or desire, how can you partner with God, what is His purpose with your life?

I made this sweet little “prayer list”┬áto help you remember who God has placed on your heart to pray for. Or who has asked you for prayer or who you would really love to pray for. It’s by all means not a structure or directive on how to pray but meant to be a place where you can record and revisit the prayers you’ve been praying.

I hope it blesses you! And it it does, please share! If you liked this worksheet you may also like “Gratitude Checklist“, “Problem Solver Worksheet“, and “My Plans, God’s Answers“.






my prayer list | a morning prayer | raquel dorsey blog

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