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When people would use the term “intimate” or ‘intimacy” when referring to God, I’d look at them like they were sick and crazy. I ain’t trying to be intimate with anyone but my man.

She talked to God daily & that is what made her lovely | A Morning Prayer

Obviously, I’m a little more mature now and understand the intimate relationship they were talking about. Type in “intimacy definition” into Google and this is what the boxed definition reads: “a close familiarity or friendship; closeness.”

Familiarity: with God means you’re super comfortable just being you in front of Him. Hair up in a bun, sweatpants, morning breath and all.

Friendship: with God is your most important relationship. You seek Him for advice and you listen when He talks. You don’t interrupt with “me, me, me”, but you truly listen to what He’s saying.

Closeness: is coming together with God. It’s uniting your plans and his answers. It’s an agreement, a dance or sorts, a blending of two souls.

Why is this important?

Because it affects your prayer life. And prayer is the conversation that we have with God (hopefully daily). When you talk to Him do you feel judged? Unworthy? Filthy? Undeserving? Do you feel like you have to use special words to gain access to the freedom, grace, joy that so many believers are talking about?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, listen to me girlfriend. That is the ugly enemy’s way from keeping you from being intimate with your Heavenly Father. Why is it important to the enemy to make sure you don’t have this closeness with God? Because there power in this close relationship with Him. That means he (ugly enemy) loses closeness with you. It also means that you’ll be talking and meeting with God more, which means your faith will super skyrocket, which then means you’re a force to be reckoned with for the enemy and a princess warrior for the Kingdom of God.

My Plans, God's Answers | A Morning Prayer | Raquel Dorsey Blog

You may be asking what this “My Plans, God’s Answers Worksheet” worksheet has to do with intimacy and that’s my friend, is a good question. I like you’re thinking, I like that you’re wondering, “what does this all mean?”

This worksheet is meant to help you come to the feet of Jesus, completely transparent. Tell the God of the Universe your plans, desires, fears, etc. He wants to hear them and more importantly, He wants to answers them.

If there is a desire on your heart to encourage others, serve others, travel, inspire, impact, do something good, God has placed it there, girlfriend. He planted that seed while he was crafting you. The more you water that seed with wonder, prayer, and reading God’s word, it will began to grow.

And little by little you will see why God answered your plan with his perfect answer, whether a yes or a no.

He might take you the long way or he may promote you tomorrow. Either way is good and for purpose. There is this favor on your life that can not be shaken because you have been imprinted by God before your body was even formed.

There’s power in conversation with God, theres power in being intimate with God. That’s where I want to get you to. I want you to have an intimate relationship with God because there is trust, assurance, a knowing or sorts, that what ever His answers may be to your plans, they are good. So good.

Xo, Raquel

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My plans, God's Answers Worksheet | A Morning Prayer | Raquel Dorsey Blog  Click to download, My Plans, God’s Answers

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  1. Wisdom + creativity, I love it! This post spoke to my heart today. I’m in a place where I keep doubting those God-given dreams you spoke of, and this is just what I needed to hear!

    Thank you dearly for writing your heart out!