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Let me be blunt. No one likes a crazy woman with crazy thinking. Thoughts like “why is this happening to me?”, “bad things always happen to me”, “I don’t deserve happiness”, “I ain’t ever gonna find a man” etc etc., are crazy thoughts, girlfriend.

We gotta stop being crazy.
Actually I think you’ll agree, that we’re tired of being crazy.

And start changing how we handle problems. We’re on our way to being better problem solvers and the Problem Solver worksheet below will help us to be.

Problem Solver Worksheet | A Morning Prayer | Raquel Dorsey Blog

When something bad happens, let’s say for example purposes, that the guy you were dating, who you thought for sure was the one because you have the same initials and both love your In-N-Out burgers the same way, broke up with you out of the blue. It just so happened that the college you applied for did not accept your application and you opened the letter right after you got the “breakup text”. Life may seem like it is falling a part right now. Your default way to solve this problem, may be to 1) call and cry with a good friend 2) punch your pillow while screaming out of frustration or 3) freeze, sweat and panic.

Get it together baby girl. Deep breaths and know this:

Your world is actually not falling apart, it’s falling into place.

Stay focused on your purpose and not your problems. 

It may be hard to stomach those beautiful truth during hard hard times, but please take my word for it. There is more. God has this super crazy plan for your life that you will never be able to fathom until you look back, 10 years from this day and see just how sweetly He was woven into all the brokenness your heart went through.

Life is hard. I’ll be the first to admit that and boys and college acceptances/rejections are real problems. As is a poor health diagnosis, miscarriages, a disagreement with your spouse or best friend or not getting the job you so wanted…

So instead of defaulting to crazy, lets default to faith.

Problem Solver Worksheet | A Morning Prayer | Raquel Dorsey Blog

Let’s change the way we problem solve while choosing to see things through God’s point of view. What is the bigger picture? What is God really doing here as he removes that guy (who actually wasn’t all the bomb anyways) from your life? Why did God so intentionally deny your acceptance to your dream college that you were way overqualified for but intentionally accepted you to one closer to your home (maybe because He knows your grandma will be promoted to an angel soon)

There is reason and purpose for everything and when we choose faith over crazy we will begin to see that. And then, not only will we begin to see that, we will begin to expect God to do something even more amazing and find us thanking Him for his “no’s”.

Because you have a purpose and it’s bigger than any of your problems.

Print this worksheet out, sister. The problems you have today are being answered in the most perfect way, by a God who truly cares about you, His daughter. This worksheet is meant to help you see and sorta understand that.


Problem Solver Worksheet | A Morning Prayer | Raquel Dorsey blog

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