At Home With The Dorsey Crew + Home Chef

At Home With The Dorsey Crew and Home Chef

Since moving back to LA, I have sought out so many ways to not drive, haha! Seriously, the traffic is crazy and having 2 boys under 2 makes everything a little more crazier. So, one thing I have always wanted to try is an at home food delivery system .

I’m telling you, it was a dream come true when Home Chef landed on my doorstep! No trip to the grocery store was needed, no stress about what to cook for dinner and no dusting off old cookbooks for something new to add to our weekly line up of repetitive meals.

We received 2 dinners and 1 smoothie recipe ( which Carter was so excited about!) for under $50! The smoothie was the first recipe we made because, Carter has a thing for berries and I so happen to have a thang for protein packed, nutrient dense meals that are toddler approved. And this Raspberry Chia Smoothie was!

At Home With The Dorsey Crew and Home Chef

I can’t tell you  enough about how easy the recipes were to make. It doesn’t get any more user friendly than the way Home Chef  packages everything. The insulated, ice packed box, has every recipe separated, pre measured and perfectly portioned. A little chopping here and there, easy to follow cooking directions and then BAM! You got chu a meal that is so good, you’ll have your husband AND kids asking for seconds!

At Home With The Dorsey Crew and Home Chef

I’m telling you mamas. If you feel like you have no time to cook, you can make Home Chef recipes in 30 minutes or less! Or if you are tired of the same ole same ole, or if you just want to see what Home Chef  is all about click here babe, psst… use the code 30HOMECHEF to get $30 your first order!

Thank me later hehehe

P.S. Don’t forget to use code 30HOMECHEF for $30 off your first at food delivery with Home Chef!  (mind you I received 2 dinners and a smoothie recipe for less than $50!) So, $30 off is almost freeeee!







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