Big Bear Snow Cabin Tradition


Carter’s Snow Boots: Northside // Caden’s Snow Suit: Gap (Similar Option: MNLYBABY )// Raquel’s Jacket: Northface // Andrew’s Jacket: Northface // Carter’s Snow Jacket: iXtreme  // Carter’s Hat: Gap (Similar Option: NAV ) // Raquel’s Boots: (Similar Option) Hunter


We had so much fun with our Dorsey family in Big Bear! This has become a Dorsey family tradition and it’s something we always look forward to!

I was really excited this year, because Carter could actually play in the snow instead of just being a snow bunny like his brother. Carter was so fearless on the snow sled! He even did some night sledding, which I was really impressed by! He loved to eat the snow the most though haha. Caden was indifferent about the snow. Either I got him out right before nap time or right after nap time and no time was the right time. He just didn’t like it. And I don’t know if its because he felt so “marshmallow-y” in his snow suit or if he just didn’t like the cold. Nonetheless, we kept him outside long enough to snap some pictures for our memory.

We shared a comfy cozy room with the boys. When we do this, it’s a little hard because although they sleep through the night, Carter sleeps with brown noise and thats not relaxing for me lol. (Although, he no longer uses it anymore as of 2 days ago because I can’t find the charger!) I was also afraid one would wake the other, so I slept very light. Super mom energy came in the morning though (thanks, coffee!)

While we were up there we sang happy birthday to the December and January babies, including Carter. I can’t believe we have an almost 2 year old!

It was really fun to be with the whole family in the mountains. My mama even came up for a couple days! Would you believe that this was the first time we have ever been in snow together?!

Andrew’s brother, Brian and our sister n law, Jess chose an amazing cabin off of Air BNB,  and we made memories that we won’t ever forget. My heart is so grateful for the family I married into.

P.S. You can see that Carter is wearing pink gloves in a couple of pictures, only because every time we went out, we just grabbed any pair! And cousin Lilly’s gloves, just happened to be avail haha.

I can’t wait till next year!



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