Flying Into The New Year With Big Dreams

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It wasn’t until we were on the plane that I realized it was my first and only flight of 2016. That thought made me a little sad because that meant I didn’t travel anywhere by plane all year. What had I been doing for the other 364 days?!

Of course, I was being mama to two sweet boys. As 2016 was marked as the year that my first son turned 1 and my second son was born. It was a year full of milestones that didn’t require a plane ride or even a car ride. The greatest memories from this year where made while cooking in the kitchen, visiting with friends, hanging with family, kissing my babes on our bed. Laughing, learning, crying in a tiny living room in Costa Mesa that was very well lived in.

2016 was also a year that came with new opportunity. I worked closely with my husband, at our restaurant, SOCIAL in Costa Mesa. And although we vowed to never work together outside the home again, it was proven that we were mature and level headed to do so, and that we worked quite well together! I headed the Digital Marketing & Public Relations side of the business and I even stepped in to be a hostess some evenings, which was actually quite fun!

What I had the most fun doing was taking pictures of SOCIAL’s dishes and drinks. I had my photography featured in a number of magazines and social media posts/publications, which I never dreamed of happening!

2016 also introduced a new business venture for my husband in LA. We never talked about moving back to LA until this divine  offer came our way. Andrew never ceases to amaze me. He was approached to help jumpstart a new restaurant group in Venice. After many prayers he signed his name on the dotted line and with that, our little family of 4 now calls Marina del Rey home.

It’s been a year of adventure and milestones. A year of memory making and lots of praying. And as I reflect on all that happened I can say without a doubt, it was one of the best years yet.

We rang in the New Year in Arizona at Michael & Nicole Phelps wedding reception/ NYE party. It was 24 hour trip with just Andrew and I. And it was good. SO GOOD! This was one of the only NYE’s that Andrew and I have ever spent together outside one of our restaurants and it was so wonderful to selfishly have him to myself.

Raquel Dorsey Blog | NYE in Phoenix

My parents watched the boys and we headed to Phoenix like two young lovers. Having cocktails in our hotel room, ordering room service, staying out till way past our bedtimes, and staying in bed the next day watching football until 3pm. We went to a sports bar and had two orders of hot wings and french fries and were back on the plane to LA to see our babies, that we missed so much, within 24 hrs.

I don’t know what 2017 has in store for us, but I know God’s got plans and I’m thrilled to be a part of them.

Happy New Year, friends!




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