Why This Will Be The Best Valentine’s Day Ever

The Dorsey Crew Valentine's 2017 | RaquelDorsey.com

The Dorsey Crew Valentine's 2017 | RaquelDorsey.com

The Dorsey Crew Valentine's 2017 | RaquelDorsey.com

The Dorsey Crew Valentine's 2017 | RaquelDorsey.com

My mama was my very first Valentine. Every Valentine’s Day, for as long as I can remember, she would give me a card covered in pink and red hearts, a heart shaped box full of chocolates and tons of balloons.

My mama taught me what love is and not because she did all those things on Valentine’s Day for me, but because she never forgot to show me love any time of the year.

Now that I am a mom, I understand that it is so normal to love your children every day, fiercely and wildly! I also understand that it is totally normal to celebrate every holiday, victory, and milestone, no matter how small or how “Hallmark” it may be.

This year is going to be the best Valentine’s Day ever, because I have 3 Valentine’s under my roof that I get to love fiercely and wildly!

I love gift giving and really thought that “Receiving Gifts” was my Love Language for a while, but this post explains why it’s actually not! I just really like to show love in thoughtful and cute ways. Hehe. P.S. I have, “The 5 Love Languages of Children” book and it’s so good, mama! Highly recommend.

I’m also a practical gift giver. So, for Valentine’s Day this year, I’m getting Carter this insulated sippy cup, Caden this insulated bottle and tossing all the plastic ones in the trash.

I came across this, “You never know dear how much I love you” pillow,  this LOVE YOU MORE pillowthis HUG ME  pillow AND this, “May The Sun Kiss You Awake Until I Can, May The Moon Kiss You To Sleep Until I Can“, pillow on Amazon and died when I saw them. NEED THEM ALL!

The boys will be getting a cute book about love too. This lift the flap one, is so cute! We actually have a few books by this same author and they have remained favorites in our house. And then this one, I think will be really cute.

I’d love to have the boys wear these cute, “My mommy is my Valentine” shirts but I’ll let them decide that I am when they understand how awesome I am. Hahaha!

I still don’t really know what I am getting Andrew for Valentine’s but I  know he loves these so I was thinking of stocking the cupboards with them haha. I mean, that would make sense right?! And he’s been talking about these headphones, so I may grab a couple pairs for him, because he misplaces headphones, a lot!

No matter what day of the year it is, my heart bursts at the seams for my family and I love any excuse to show and express that!

How are you showing love to your favorites this year?





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  1. Omg! You are just too cute!!!! Thanks for sharing your love language on Valentine’s! You are definitely one Lucky girl to have 3 wonderfully amazing boys under your roof! I just love how Carter loves his little brother 😍
    And thank you soooo much for the insulated cup recommendation. Since your nuk cup worked great with Dominic, I have already put this insulated cup in my cart, hehe. The spout and straw. The pillows are so cute. I’m thinking of getting Dom the moon and sun kiss you one and saving it for him when he has a pillow like mom and dad. He’s still a no pillow, no blanket kind of boy.
    😣 I’m still in the works on what to get my boys this Valentine’s day….

  2. I feel like the luckiest girl, that’s for sure! You will love the Pura insulated cups! They are so awesome! I’m obsessed with the pillow too! Now, what will we detour husbands? Haha. Thanks for your comment mama. Xoxo