Ancestry DNA: What Nationality Are You?

Raquel Beezley Dorsey Family DNA Ancestry

This is probably the most common question asked. What nationality are you? What are you? What are you mixed with? What is your ethnicity? I have been lying every time I have answered this.

Raquel Beezley Dorsey Mom Ancestry DNA

After my friend was telling me about her DNA results from I was eager to find out mine too.

Little bit about me, I have a Filipino grandmother who my grandfather , an American Marine, married while stationed in the Philipinnes. She immigrated to America with him around 1965. On my dad’s side, we recently started piecing together our family tree and I have been so intrigued by it. He has found evidence of our family crossing over on the Mayflower!  I never knew exactly what the ethnicity of my grandfather on my mom or dads side was or my grandma on my dad’s side. So, with little to no knowledge I would always said that I am English, Irish and Filipino.

But now that I have my DNA results, I was SO surprised and happy to finally know exactly what I am and I just had to share!

Raquel Beezley Dorsey DNA Ancestry


The majority of my ethnicity is 57% Great Britain. This was actually a surprise to me but it also confirms that I am indeed English.

In second was Asia East 14%. Which includes the Philippines. But I always thought I was a 1/4 Filipino so this is one lie I have been telling!

So this is just 71% of what I am what makes up the rest if me is the most fascinating of it all.

I’m Pacific Islander more specifically 9% Polynesian which is so cool to me and probably from my maternal side, and 8% Scandinavia which is probably from my paternal side and I had no idea about!

And then it gets broken down into these according to my DNA results:

5% Iberian Peninsula which can be Spain or Portugal. I’ve been told I look Spanish and my mom has a lot too! That 5% explain it haha.

3% Europe East which could be Poland, Slovakia, Russian, Romania, Ukraine…

2% Caucasus which can be Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey…

1% Europe West which can be Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands…

1% Native AmericanI have absolutely no idea who this came from!

I really wish my grandparents were still alive so I could ask more questions about our family history… there are so many questions I have about all of this! My parents are doing there DNA tests too and my twin brother is, which I think will be so interesting to read what he is!

The craziest result was the the 0% result of IRISH! That was my biggest assumption because my brothers are both red headed and my dad swears we have Irish ancestors.

So to recap I am…

74% European

16% Asian

9% Pacific Islander

1% Native American

So those are my results and now I can tell people in short that I am European, Asian, Pacific Islander and Native American, ha! That’s a long answer, but at least it’s the truth! If you want to find out your results you can buy a test here. It is $99 but you’ll get 10% off with this link. They send you a swab and a pre-paid box to send it back in, then you receive your results via email. I totally say its worth finding out who you are!


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