Toddlerhood: 5 Survival Tips for Mama

Raquel Dorsey Gerber Collaboration

To be honest y’all, I’m in survival mode. My days are so cray with a toddler and a newborn. So I’m always looking for things, gadgets, tools, tips, and gear that will help me survive this season with sanity!

Raquel Dorsey Gerber Smart Flow Collaboration

  1. Fruit + Vegetable Pouches: No one likes to be hangry, especially a toddler. I have always liked ones like Gerber ®  for the boys and now that they have the Gerber® Smart Flow™ Spout it makes mealtime and snack time a breeze! I always grab a bunch and keep them in my diaper bag. They have prevented many meltdowns. Hallelujah.Raquel Dorsey Gerber Collaboration
  2. Sunshine: Getting the boys outside and into some Vitamin D makes them happy and me too. Fresh air and the warmth of the sun makes me a happy mommy and gets me a happy toddler and baby.Raquel Dorsey Gerber Collaboration
  3. Inclusion: Carter is now 2 and he has big responsibilities for being the big brother. He is such a great helper and loves to be included in whatever Caden is doing. He also loves whatever Caden has in his hands, especially if its food. So although he loves regular fruit and veggies, whenever his brother has a Gerber Smart Flow Pouch in hand I always let him have one. I mean, why not? It’s full of nutrients and buys me some quiet time hehe. Raque Dorsey Gerber Collaborations
  4. Encouraging Independence: Total opposite of number three. But I’ve learned that encouraging a toddlers independence, encourages their confidence. Carter usually ask me to help him do something, but if I encourage him to try to do it himself first, he gets so excited when he figures out that he can! Raquel Dorsey Gerber Collaboration
  5. Just Roll with It: Straight up girlfriend, toddlerhood is hard and most days I’m just winging it. I have no magic powers or super secrets. But through trial and tears, I have found things that work and honestly, I just hope they work for you too.Raquel Dorsey Gerber Collaboration

In short, food solves world problems – toddler problems at least! So go to your local Kroger, Ralphs etc., and stock up on grab-and-go snacks. Gerber “Grabbers” Smart Flow Spout is one of our household favs.




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