Unplug: A Simple Way to Do Your Part For California

unplug for energy upgrade california

In college I wrote a research paper on global warming. Since then I have been mindful of how I can minimize my own energy use. Do Your Thing™  is an anthem in our home, along with many other Californians. It motivates us to do small or big things to manage better energy consumption.

Energy Upgrade California

Unplugging is one way I do my part is unplugging anything that is not being used. This includes electronic charging cords, lamps, styling tools and even the toaster. Andrew hates when I do that, but California loves it!

Shut the blinds for energy upgrade california

The boys have started to make a of habit of shutting the blinds so the house keeps cool during the warm spring and summer days and we don’t have to run the air.

unplug for energy upgrade california

These are just two simple things that can make for a cleaner, healthier and more prosperous California. What is one thing can you and your family can do to help manage energy consumption at home, in your workplace or indoor lifestyle?




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