The Importance of Me Time as a Mommy

Being a mom has changed my life tremendously. My schedule has been hijacked by two tiny humans and my time is no longer my own.

This all happened so suddenly that I didn’t even realize I was slowly forgetting the woman I was before kids and only saw myself as a mama.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being in love with motherhood! But having balance in life roles is pivotal.

I’ve patterned with Wente Vineyards for this post because I love their dedication to Making Time for Music. And I felt inspired to share how I’m making time for what’s I enjoy doing.

Lately, I have been doing a couple things for me. You can see these in the video below! Like making it a habit to read at least read a chapter a day in a book. Or working out and waking up before the babies to enjoy alone time while drinking hot coffee. << (which never happens!)

I find that I am a much better woman, wife, mother and friend when I purposely balance my life roles and remember to care for myself while caring for others.

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