What You Must Do While At San Diego Zoo with Kids

Before we had kids, I swore I would never take them to any place that was crowded – like Fairs, Amusement Parks and Zoos.


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The parents who I watched brave this looked miserable and tired. Every child was running a muck or sleeping in the stroller and I just didn’t understand how that could be fun?!

Now, two babies later and two trips to the San Diego Zoo down I have eaten my words and now understand why parents brave the parking, the crowds and the sugar melt downs.

Because with new exhibits like Conrad Prebys Africa Rocks  At San Diego Zoo, you WANT to experience it WITH them!

This exhibit represents the “unexpected Africa”, making rock stars of African species that are often overlooked – presenting these amazing species in a multi-level integrated habitat area.

So, I and up with a “Must Do At San Diego Zoo – with Kids” list because I feel like ya need a game plan for this kind of cool stuff!

1) Schedule Nap Time BEFORE the Zoo

Because it’s about the kids having fun and your sanity right?! I wanted the boys to see/hear the animals not sleep while a penguin swims right by their faces!

2) Pack Snacks/ Budget for Food 

A must! San Diego Zoo allows outside food and drinks so pack it all mama! No hangry babies here. We bought Carter a frozen lemonade and snacked on cheetos next to the waterfall hehe. I brought the boys some fruit/veggie pouch squeezes too.

3) Plan For Unusal Behavior

Yoi can never plan for attitudes or mannerisms. Carter is typically a run around everywhere kinda toddler  but at the Zoo he was totally chill. We didn’t force him to get out of the stroller. He just enjoyed the sites and sounds from the comfort of his stroller. Caden on the other hand was a wild man! Standing up, dancing and growling hahaha

4) Go With the Flow

The San Diego Zoo was crowded and understandably so with the awesome new Africa Rocks exhibit. So just go with the flow. You’ll be bumped into and people will walk in front of your family pictures, but it’s gonna happen so just enjoy the hiccups or else you’ll be miserable!

5) Bring yo stroller

I can not stress this enough! Their little legs will get tired and so will yours. We brought our double bob stroller and thank God we did! It made walking the zoo much easier and it helped us stake our claim while watching the sharks and the Cape Fynbos Penguins hehe.

Must importantly mama, have fun, take pictures, record videos and don’t forget to have your Instagram stories to your phone because you’ll never want to forget the faces of your babies looking at the pink flamingos in awe hehe.

P.S. The Africa Rocks exhibit was awesome and a majority of it has yet to roll it but BUT it’s still so awesome. Totally recommend it! Click any image to learn more!



P.S.S. Here’s the best pic of the whole trip: Caden was roaring hehehe!

Do you love the San Diego Zoo? What’s your favorite animal there?!



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