Spotlighting the Great Taste of SOCIAL Costa Mesa with S.Pellegrino

There’s nothing more than amazing food. I have said it is my love language once before and after chowing down on SOCIAL Costa Mesa’s amazing Ceviche with avocado mouse and kumquats all weekend – it’s time to say it again – food is my love language.

I love the flavors of so many SOCIAL dishes and I had the pleasure of joining Andrew and Chef on set at Good Day LA to help showcase them.

Working with S. Pellegrino, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to showcase SOCIAL in promotion of their #GreatTaste event happening in New York. That you can actually attend for free just click here!

From Insta-famous churros to half friend pig heads, this social research begin Great Taste and the analysis illuminates the unique characteristics of each city’s dining culture, as well as the threads that connect all food enthusiasts from coast to coast.

SOCIAL is definitely setting a culinary trend here on the West Coast of California. They turn classic dishes up with not so common ingredients and they have an unparalleled bar program to match.

My favorite dishes are by far the Ceviche with kumquats, Brussel Sprouts with honey, house made Tasso Ham and hazelnuts and their Wood Fired Whole Branzino served with black rice and citrus fruit that is the bomb!


S.Pellegrino will be hosting a “Taste Guide Event” in New York City featuring original dishes by acclaimed chefs April Bloomfield and Ludo Lefebvre.

Open to the public, guests in New York can enjoy complimentary bites paired with refreshing
S.Pellegrino. The chefs will be on-site sharing with consumers their experience bringing the data to the plate and the story behind each dish.

If you go, let me know how it is! I wish I could be there!

Click here to attend the event for free! 



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