Morning Moments with illy Coffee



He’s Italian, so of course he loves coffee. I’d watch him closely as he’d get the water ready to boil, grind the illy coffee beans, perfectly scoop them into a French Press and wait patiently for the water to reach the perfect temp, to pour over the fresh grounds. It was like watching an artist working on a masterpiece.

Raquel Dorsey illy coffee collab

I used to joke that he’d leave me if I ever made a bad cup of coffee for him. Our second date began with coffee, our mornings have always began with coffee.

There was never a need for caffeine but a need for routine. Familiarity. Closeness. Slowness. And coffee allows for that to happen. It’s never a rushed moment, it’s savored and enjoyed and it’s sets the mood for our day.

Raquel Dorsey illy coffee collab

Although by the time he wakes up, I’m ready for my second cup, there’s still connection that happens when we sit together and connect with warm cups in our hands.

My most favorite days start with me waking up before the boys. It’s tiptoeing into the quiet kitchen to brew my first cup of coffee in stillness. I’m always so giddy being sneaky when my whole world is still asleep and I love it hehe.

The moment I smell the hot water kiss the coffee grounds I am awake.

Raquel Dorsey illy coffee collab

And it jumpstarts my heart.

I say gratitude out loud as I curl up on the couch with a cozy blanket.

I pray, I journal or read – slowly. There’s no rushing through the goodness.

Raquel Dorsey illy coffee collab

I ponder, wonder and get inspired by watching the sunrise glow enter our house. The birds begin their morning songs and the grass glitters from the morning dew.

I get to see the world wake up, one amazing creation and blessing at a time.

By the time I reach the end of my cup, the boys begin stirring and my magical time is shifted ever so slightly to seeing the magic of little boys stretch there little bodies awake and give their first smile of the day.

These are everyday moments, inspired by illy coffee and enjoyed with a thankful heart.

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