2017: Opened Doors

2017 recap Raquel Dorsey The Dorsey Crew

When I think about 2017, it’s dizzying.

At the start of the year we were living in Venice Beach, California. We had moved there in October of 2016 because Andrew had accepted an opportunity to consult with a well known restaurant.

The start of a New Year always offers clarity and Andrew came home one day and said, “I’m not happy.” He was working 16-18 hour days between the restaurant in Venice and our restaurant in Costa Mesa. He did not have a chance to enjoy the family and was always go go go. So when he said this to me, I knew what I had to do: PRAY.

There’s only so much we as humans can do to “fix” a situation and then there’s what only God can do: the impossible.

I prayed for Andrew to have the strength and willpower to have a conversation with his consulting partner about his unhappiness and for a “way out” to organically be offered.

I prayed that we could find a way out of our lease at our Venice Beach apartment – without penalty – although we still had 6 months remaining.

And I prayed for the transition to be smooth and to only happen if it was God’s plan.

This is the first time I’m actually writing down what happened and it almost feels like a different lifetime or completely false. But remembering the blessings of His hands only encourages my faith and I hope it encourages yours.

Literally the day after I prayed, Andrew had the conversation with his partner and an opportunity was presented for him to leave and although it was him bowing out, they offered him an unexpected severance package. That evening as I prayed again. I prayed, saying, “As one door closes Father, another will open. I trust you.”

At 6am the following morning, I walked out of our bedroom and into the kitchen to find that the door to our apartment was OPEN. The security latch was on, but the door was open. Trembling, I checked to see if Carter was still in his crib, Caden in his pack n play and I woke Andrew up asking if he had opened the door at anytime last night or early morning and he said NO.

My prayer had been answered.

I walked down to the leasing office to let them know of the terrifying – yet amazing- incident/ prayer answering. I had no idea if someone was trying to get in our apartment. But I knew for a fact the door was open and it was time to leave Venice Beach.

Surprisingly and by the grace of God’s hands –  our apartment was re-rented within 4 days of the incident WITHOUT penalty! So with no sudden plan,  we moved on a whim to Andrew’s hometown of Fallbrook in San Diego as we digested what just happened and what was in store for our unknown future…

It’s now April 2017 and we are in Fallbrook, living at Andrew’s parents property and we can EXHALE. We had moved from a place that was slowly sucking the life out of us and stealing our joy. But in a God guided transition we made our way out and we are forever grateful.

Living with my in-laws was a complete blessing and I learned so much about them and about Andrew – that is helps me love him better.

Andrew commuted from San Diego to Costa Mesa, 5 days a week and sometimes bunked up with friends if he was dangerously tired. We are so thankful for those friends.

The months we spent in Fallbrook helped us breathe, reflect, set goals and practice living in complete gratitude. I will always remember that time fondly.

When we opened the coffee shop inside our restaurant we knew it was time to make our way back to Costa Mesa. This would be the start of me working at the restaurant more regularly and offered Andrew the opportunity to be with the boys more.

We looked at many apartments and homes in Irvine but the one and only home we looked at in Costa Mesa, we fell in love with. It was perfect. Scratch that. It IS perfect!

We have lived here since August 2017 and every day I praise God for the many blessings of His hands. We are right up the street from our church and our restaurant! 2017 was a year of closing doors and a year of opened doors. It was chaotic yet manageable. It was imbalanced, shaky, and rocky but the foundation did not crack and we remain strong, hopeful and joyful as we dance our way into 2018. Three of the many things it taught us was: 1) Have continued faith, 2) Help is just a prayer away and, 3) Family is everything.

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