Mornings Made Easy With Ozery Bakery

Ozery Bakery x Raquel Dorsey

If you follow me on social media you may know that I recently started working at our restaurant more and it’s been quite the balancing act! I went from a casual work at home mama to a boss mama real quick! I have learned so much about myself in this […]

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3 Things I’m Currently LOVING

Fiji Collaboration with Raquel Dorsey

    There’s a Target 2 miles from our new home. Do you know how dangerous that is?! My first trip was only suppose to be for one thing but – per usual I spent money I do not have on things I do not need AND I didn’t get […]

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Morning Moments with illy Coffee

    He’s Italian, so of course he loves coffee. I’d watch him closely as he’d get the water ready to boil, grind the illy coffee beans, perfectly scoop them into a French Press and wait patiently for the water to reach the perfect temp, to pour over the fresh […]

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