A Good Day for Brunch at Jamaica Bay Inn

A Good Day for Brunch At Jamaica Bay Inn | The Dorsey Crew | Marina del Rey | Raquel Dorsey Blog

I hardly ever get to spend time with the boys one on one. So I was really excited for this day date with Carter! We live right up the street from the cutest hotel called Jamaica Bay Inn and I have always wanted to have brunch there because their restaurant, […]

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Why A Blessingway Is What An Expectant Mama Really Needs

Why A Blessingway Is What A Mama Really Needs | RaquelDorsey.com

Have you heard of a Blessingway before? A Blessingway is a celebration of life & love, pregnancy & motherhood. It is evolved from a traditional Navajo ceremony that is concerned with healing, creation, harmony and peace. The very first time I heard of a Blessingway, was when I was at […]

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Why This Will Be The Best Valentine’s Day Ever

My mama was my very first Valentine. Every Valentine’s Day, for as long as I can remember, she would give me a card covered in pink and red hearts, a heart shaped box full of chocolates and tons of balloons. My mama taught me what love is and not because […]

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Happy 1/2 Birthday, Caden!

Caden's 1/2 Birthday | The Dorsey Crew

We celebrated Caden’s 1/2 Birthday over the weekend and it was fun! I never thought I would be “that mom” who celebrates 1/2 birthdays, but I am! No shame. Haha. We celebrated Carter’s 1/2 birthday too, so I gotta keep up with the tradition, right?! But to be honest, although […]

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Disneyland With The Crew

disneyland with the dorsey crew

We had so much fun at Disneyland and California Adventure for Carter’s 2nd birthday! Andrew and I used to live in Anaheim and have gone to Disneyland with each other a couple of times. But what a huge difference it was with two kids! I ordered the boy’s outfits on […]

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Big Bear Snow Cabin Tradition

_________________________________________________________________________________________ Carter’s Snow Boots: Northside // Caden’s Snow Suit: Gap (Similar Option: MNLYBABY )// Raquel’s Jacket: Northface // Andrew’s Jacket: Northface // Carter’s Snow Jacket: iXtreme  // Carter’s Hat: Gap (Similar Option: NAV ) // Raquel’s Boots: (Similar Option) Hunter _________________________________________________________________________________________ We had so much fun with our Dorsey family in Big Bear! This has become a […]

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Flying Into The New Year With Big Dreams

raquel dorsey blog | the dorsey crew

It wasn’t until we were on the plane that I realized it was my first and only flight of 2016. That thought made me a little sad because that meant I didn’t travel anywhere by plane all year. What had I been doing for the other 364 days?! Of course, […]

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At Home With The Dorsey Crew + Home Chef

At Home With The Dorsey Crew and Home Chef

Since moving back to LA, I have sought out so many ways to not drive, haha! Seriously, the traffic is crazy and having 2 boys under 2 makes everything a little more crazier. So, one thing I have always wanted to try is an at home food delivery system . I’m […]

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Attract Good Energy With Phone Wallpapers

Attract good energy with 12-free encouraging pretty - iPhone-wallpapers | Raquel Dorsey Blog | A Morning Prayer Instagram

How many times do you check your phone to see if you got a text or missed a call, only to see that you haven’t? Every thing you see constantly affects your mood, your thinking and what you’re attracting. So, when you see your lock screen wallpaper what is that […]

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Inspirational Printable Cards

Christian Inspirational Printable Free

I woke up a couple days ago to 300+ likes on one of my recent, A Morning Prayer, instagram posts! This is HUGE for me because, 1) I’ve never received more than three hundred likes before on any prior posts and 2) that means this little instadevotional ministry is growing, holla […]

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