DIY Wine Cork Wreath

DIY WINE CORK WEREATH: 1) Drink Wine, 2) Collect Corks, 3) Purchase 10 Inch Styrofoam Round @Michaels, 4) Glue Gun + Sticks, 5) Drink More Wine : )

I’ve been keeping wine corks with so many ideas running in my head with what to do with them. Finally, they are put to great use! (Other than securing yummy wine in a bottle) This DIY is so easy. 1) Drink Wine 2) Collect Corks. I used about 75 corks […]

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Encouragement For The Weary Creative

encouragement to not give up on your dreams | raquel dorsey blog

Dear Weary Creative, I recognize that slump and lack of pep in your step. You’re thinking and dreaming but nothing else is happening. Your frozen and not frozen and popular like the movie but cold and bitter and ready to give up on your dreams. I have found myself doing […]

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The Only Pregnancy Book I’d Recommend To A Friend

I absolutely LOVED being pregnant and I can’t wait to be again! Thanks to Pinterest and pregnancy apps like Baby Center, I knew if my baby was the size of a kumquat, squash or watermelon. I googled all of my questions and thought for sure I was pregnant with twins, […]

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Helpful Travel Tips When Flying With Baby

The Ultimate List of "Flying With Baby" Tips (from 20 different moms)

I was so nervous to travel with my 7 month old. I did not know what to pack or expect, when flying  with baby, so I asked my Facebook friends for help. These tips helped ease our worries and prepare us for smooth travel (and delays!)I hope you find these travels tips […]

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3 Year Anniversary Thoughts + Photo Diary

The Savor Blog by Raquel Dorsey | 3 Year Anniversary + Photo Diary

I can not believe we just celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary! It’s been a year for the books. From Andrew leaving the restaurant he was working for, to finding out we were pregnant, to opening our restaurant Social Costa Mesa, to the birth of our son! God never failed us […]

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The Perfect Lunch Spot in Malibu

Travels | The Savor Blog by Raquel Dorsey

Here”s a sweet little photo diary from our recent outing in Malibu : ) My husband and I have been doing date days/nights on Mondays because that’s when our restaurant, Social Costa Mesa is closed. It’s so important to us to adventure together and as a family. So we dine […]

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Thoughts And Review Of Griffin Remedy Products

When I was pregnant, what I put on my body became very important to me. My sensitive skin was something my son inherited too. Recently we tried a few products from the Griffin Remedy line. I really liked that their ingredients include essential oils, vitamins and botanicals and many are […]

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Tonight I Celebrate Being A Mom

It’s 6:05am and I’ve already brewed my first cup of coffee but didn’t drink it because there’s no creamer. I need creamer. I need this to be a good cup of coffee and I need some more sleep. But the latter just isn’t going to happen. So here I am, […]

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Something About April

The date looked familiar, something else happened on the same date or around it a couple years ago. It felt a little like deja vu. As I reread the email dated April 7, 2014, the content had me enthralled and I was soon reaching for my bible. The email was from the […]

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I Wonder About Another Mother

I’m an emotional wreck these days. I was never the “cry over spilled milk” kind of gal before Carter arrived, but now I cry over spilled breast milk like it’s my job. This is my life lately: emotional, excited, sad, sentimental, overwhelmed, concerned, sympathetic, happy –  all at the same time. […]

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