Inspirational Printable Cards

Christian Inspirational Printable Free

I woke up a couple days ago to 300+ likes on one of my recent, A Morning Prayer, instagram posts! This is HUGE for me because, 1) I’ve never received more than three hundred likes before on any prior posts and 2) that means this little¬†instadevotional ministry is growing, holla […]

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas + Printable

Mother's Day Printables Gift Tags Gift Ideas

I LOVE gift giving! I truly believe it is better to give than receive. It makes me so happy to see the receiver of a gift light up with joy when opening it. With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday; I thought I’d share some ways to personalize the special […]

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Square Scripture Cards

She sat at the Lord's feet, listening to what he said. Luke 10:39 | A Morning Prayer Printable Scripture Cards

When I first became enthralled with the treasures of the bible, I was a highlighting, sticky noting, underlining queen! Ion social media, I have seen beautiful journaling bibles filled with gorgeous drawings and hand written scriptures and I so want that kind of beauty displayed in my bible! But, I […]

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Dear God Printable

Dear God Printable | Journal entry | A Morning Prayer | Raquel Dorsey Blog

One thing you could know about me is that I am a great starter and horrible finisher. I’ve dreamt up literally, hundreds of business ideas and have proactively written out business plans for at least 20, without ever fully investing myself in any. When the idea of doing a online […]

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My Prayer List Printable

my prayer list printable | a morning prayer | raquel dorsey blog

I was intimidated when I saw her. Her bible had highlights of every color, there was structure to her journaling and the closer I examined her space I noticed she was using gel pins – glittery ones at that! I immediately made a mental note of the things I needed […]

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My Plans, God’s Answers Printable

When people would use the term “intimate” or ‘intimacy” when referring to God, I’d look at them like they were sick and crazy. I ain’t trying to be intimate with anyone but my man. Obviously, I’m a little more mature now and understand the intimate relationship they were talking about. […]

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Problem Solver Printable

problem solver worksheet

  Let me be blunt. No one likes a crazy woman with crazy thinking. Thoughts like “why is this happening to me?”, “bad things always happen to me”, “I don’t deserve happiness”, “I ain’t ever gonna find a man” etc etc., are crazy thoughts, girlfriend. We gotta stop being crazy. […]

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Gratitude Checklist Printable

Gratitude Checklist | A Morning Prayer Worksheet |

Good morning loves! Today will mark the first step that A Morning Prayer will take in creating a deeper connection with God, woot woot!   I hope my excitement is contagious haha. As ¬†many of you know, I posted a photo with the word “MORE” on it and a post […]

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FREE Easter Printable!

free "He is risen" Easter printable

So, my husband brought me home a fancy pancy Nikon camera. Technically, he did not give it to me, but I can “use” it. This translates in my brain to: “it’s all yours baby!” I’ve been messing around with the expensive thing all day. I haven’t read one user manual. […]

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FREE Thanksgiving Printables!

You guys and gals! I have missed you! Life is wild and crazy these days. Carter is trying to walk, just cut his 8th tooth and I think molars are the way. I’ve done a little bit of traveling (finally went to Hawaii!) and between besties having babies and getting […]

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